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a gunman targets discovery channel's headquarters forcing the building filled with nearly # thousand employees to evacuate and it ends with the suspect dead but everyone el safe. this morning, more on what motivated this terrifying crime. >> we're continuing to watch hurricane earl as that storm steams toward the east coast. has the course changed overnight. we are live on the southeastern eastern shore as fox 5 morning
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news continues. we start you off with a look downtown. it is thursday, september 2nd, 2010. temperature, 77 degrees. another warm start to this day, second day of september. thank you for being with us this morning on fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> we want to take a live look at ocean city. what a beautiful start to the day there but they are getting ready as hurricane earl approaches. the governor has declared a state of emergency. he says it is unlikely ocean city will need to be evacuated. sherry ly is live in ocean city and we'll talk to her in just a few minutes. over in virginia, the governor has also declared a state of emergency. residents and visit iters have been ordered to leave hatteras on the outer banks. >> certainly a formidable hurricane. maximum winds have increased 145 miles per hour, gusted to about 170. it continues to intensify and
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deepen. i don't think it will get much stronger than this but this is a very powerful storm. thank goodness, it won't directly make landfall. we'll talk first about current conditioned. i mentioned to you it is trekking off to the north and northwest at about 17 miles per hour. now, centered 410 miles south of cape hatteras, north carolina. it looks like it will be right off the the coastline there of north carolina a little later tonight. we'll gradually see conditions deteriorate there. want to push onto hd radar, show you the wave heights. this is very impressive stuff. see the dark purple. that is right underneath the storm. wave heights are measured at about 33 feet. so that gives you an idea of how powerful the storm is even pushing up towards cape hatteras. wave heights are running a good 10 to 12 feet above average. later tonight as the storm makes landfall, all that water will get pushed up to the north and west. we'll have potential flooding
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even in the chesapeake bay. we have a coastal flood advisory, a watch and advisory into effect until the daytime hours tomorrow. we'll see if some of the water doesn't end up being pushed up the bay. let's talk local weather. our current temperatures are on the warm side. 75 in ocean city. our forecast is a simple one. more sunshine today. there will be late day clouds associated with earl moving in particularly if you are off to the east or to the south. code orange air quality once again today. we'll break this heat wave as we get into tomorrow. right now, weekend looks great once we can get earl out of here. a lot more on that coming up. >> let's check in on that commute. >> not easy right now. it is the raiflt police chase the reason why before a portion of 270 should down on the northbound side north of 109. a police chase ended there. right side of the road remains closed. police are search identifying suspect involved in this chase. the northbound side of 270, only one lane to the left is
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getting by. southbound, you can anticipate a rubbernecking delay out of frederick this morning. it is slow as you try to work your way through urbana. top side, out irloop, no problems reported leaving 650 new hampshire avenue headed into silver spring. all of the lane are open. southbound 395 south of 110, still busy cleaning up the construction that is blocking the far right lane. northbound, everything remains open between the beltway and the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. more on hurricane earl in a moment. first, let's get to what is happening at the discovery communications headquarters into downtown silver spring. >> police are still on the scene looking for any traces of explosives that gunman james lee may have left behind when he stormed that building and took hospitallages yesterday afternoon. it was an ordeal that lasted for several hours and you told
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us just a short while ago that they did find something inside, right? >> that is correct, gurvir. they have abeen doing a sweep throughout the night inside the building and montgomery county fire officials are telling me that they did evaluate several different packages that were inside. at this point, we don't know if these were packages that were left behind by people leaving the discovery building or what. but they can tell us that there are four specific packages that they did disrupt that were found in the lobby area. this was reported yesterday. they said there were two boxes and two backpacks that were found in the lobby area that they believe the suspect, james lee, brought into the building. they were concerned enough about those packages that they did disrupt those. they are not talking right now about specifics about what the contents was of those packages. only that they did disrupt them and did look at several other different things as they were going through the building last night. just to recap here, it was 1:00
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yesterday afternoon that this all went down. a man police now identify as i mentioned as james lee walked into the discovery building lobby. he had a long-standing grudge with the cable channel and was armed, police say, with explosives and handguns. he report lid fired a shot when he first went in and took three people hostage. three men and a security guard and two others. employees were warned by e-mail to hide in their offices and a second e-mail was instructing them to evacuate all 1900 or so employees that were able to get out safely. now, this is not the first run- in that james lee has had with discovery. he is no stranger to them. he has been arrested before back in february of 2008 for a protest that he had ide throwing money in the air, saying something about the discovery needed to save the planet and he had just gotten off of probation two weeks ago. now, again, back out here live as i mentioned, officers and montgomery county fire and ems continue to be on the scene
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this morning going through the building. i'm told that it could be several more hours before they do finish up here. we will of course bring you the very latest again. we do know they disrupted four packages, evaluated several others and we'll bring you the latest as we learn more this morning. >> thank you. now, let's get back to the story involving hurricane earl. >> that storm is barreling toward the east coast but it is not expected to make a direct hit. a state of emergency in maryland, virginia around north carolina. sherry ly is live in ocean city with how things look there. >> reporter: good morning. we are starting to feel he cans of hurricane earl out here. you can take a look out here another water. it is a bit deceiving because there is a slope town to the water but we can tell thought waves coming in right now are probably between six and eight feet high. the outer bands of hurricane earl are expected to hit this area tonight and into tomorrow morning and that is when we'll get the worst of it.
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we are under a hurricane watch here and as we approach tonight, conditions are only going to get rapidly worse. that storm expected to hit throughout the evening for about an eight-hour period. we understand we should see sustained winds between 0 and -- 30 and 40 miles per hour and gusts of 60 miles per hour. people have been ordered to evacuate from the out are banks in north carolina. people are packing up and heading out the. along the maryland shore, despite maryland declaring a state of emergency, there are no orders to evacuate along the maryland shore. again, no orders to evacuate here. but officials are keeping an eye on the storm in case hurricane earl should change path and come closer to shore and then they will peak changes as that happens. we are already seeing some heavy surf problems with rip currents in the area. what they are ask people to do at this point as far as prep rigs is get those things off of
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your balconies this evening. chaise, tables, towels, even small objects can become projectiles when you are talking about winds this high. they will be removing the trash cans as well from the beaches. they have a seawall that run as long the boardwalk here. they way be closing the gates of that to protect against flooding. and this is expect today a rapidly moving storm. get out of here on friday. so the businesses here would are counting on that labor day holiday weekend are hoping that friday will be a washout and the rest of the weekend will be okay. that is the latest here in ocean city, maryland. back to you. >> thank you. we'll be right back.
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one of the big stories we are watching, historic middle east peace talks. secretary of state clinton will sit down with the leaders of israel and palestine. this is the first time in 0 months they will hold face to
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face talks. coming up though, more on hurricane earl. >> that storm continues to head toward the east coast forcing evacuations and changing many people's plans for the long labor day weekend. tucker has the latest on the storm's track when fox 5 morning news continues. c
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hurricane earl is not expected to make a direct hit. mandatory evacuations continue for 30,000 residents and visit irs for the outer banks hatteras islands. folk who choose to stay and wait it out are being told they may not have any health or services for 72 hours. >> even if it doesn't make a direct hit, it will impact those areas. the question is for the entire labor day weekend? >> no, no, just tomorrow. by saturday, sunday, monday, it will be beautiful and we won't even know that earl was around because it will be absolutely
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gorgeous. got to get there first. earl is looking very ominous off to the south and east. want to start this morning with a look at vipir. we'll show you the watches and warnings. they are now up into canada. so stretching from north carolina to canada, we've got various watches and warnings. of particular note, north carolina under a hurricane warning. that is the red you see. closer to home here in washington, along the lower eastern shore, before a hurricane watch. wow! i'm huge again. a tropical storm warning. if i duck down being maybe i'll look smaller. off to the north and east we go. it is tropical storm warnings for places like long island and we've got hurricane watches and tropical storm warnings all with a up into canada. you get the idea here. i want to point out, it will be not just the lower eastern shore. it is the entire eastern seaboard. that is the outer cirrus cloud cover associated with earl as it is starting to push in here from the south and east. let's push on. let's take a closer look.
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maximum winds now, 145 miles per hour. gusts over 170. want it point out one feature here. the last couple of frames. see it right there. looks like it is in training. a little bit of dry air, right there on the western side. that could be a sign that is going to weaken. a little bit of drier air that it will encounter here. still going to be a major hurricane as it passes offshore during the daytime hours tomorrow. take a look at the wind field. category four hurricane right now. later tonight, it looks like it will just graze the outer banks there with some hurricane-force winds in red. the outer banks and then as it pushes off earl tomorrow morning t it will be tropical storm conditions for ocean city and the lower eastern shore and the new jersey coastline and it will push off quickly to north and east. more problems for southern new england including cape cod and the island as it pushes out of here very quickly.
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as gurvir mentioned, most of the weekend will be nice. saturday, sunday and monday look fantastic. for the beaches from the crimes right up to new england, 75 degrees right now at reagan national. warm start, our forecast today is awe simple one -- is a simple one. high temperatures in the 90s. here is your forecast, 93 degrees. code orange air quality. we will have a southerly breeze today. we have a coastal flood advisory off to the south for southern portions of the chesapeake bay. some of that water will get pushed up from the south. five-day forecast, there we go. 91 tomorrow. breezy conditions at times off to the east and south closer to the beaches. saturday, sunday, monday, i mentioned look fantastic. sunshine, high temperatures in the low 80s. let's get to on-time traffic with julie wright. >> for those traveling along the westbound stretch of the freeway downtown, that is where we had some rough pavement over near eighth street in southeast.
6:20 am
rough pavement there and a couple of victims with flat tires as a result of that on both side of the roadway. so headss up. police are there to help direct you around that. it is causing delays off the sousa bridge as well as the inbound 11th street bridge. lanes are open continuing southbound towards 118. that appears to be where the traffic is starting to slow now. early, we had mentioned a police chase that ended on 270 northbound north of 109. we are now told from authorities that that activity has cleared and the roadway has been reopened. however, traveling in damascus, 27 at bethesda church road, head-on collision there. northbound side traffic skiing by to the left at this point. in virginia, 66 eastbound heavy and steady out of manassas. we have delays here at fair oaks continuing eastbound towards 1 and after nutley street to the beltway. as a result of yesterday's hostage situation down at discovery channel, what you will find this morning is police investigation continues to block wayne avenue between colesville road and georgia avenue.
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that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. major changes are under way on metro following lastier's deadly crash on the red line. the biggest expense is replacing the oldest cars on the rails. metro says that alone will cost $838 million. that crash in june of 2009 and put metro under intense scrutiny for safe stay standards. virginia's dmv offices will likely be a busy place today. they can start processing driver's licenses and cards again. to accommodate all the crowds, all 74 virginia dmv locations will stay open until 6:00 tonight and tomorrow night. we'll talk more about another major factor keeping companies from hiring. >> as we go it a break right now, here is something to think it. a health alert for men who are not getting enough sleep. research ares followed a group of men for 14 years and found those who slept less than six hours a night were more likely to die over the period of that 14 years.
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the same did not apply to women. the study is published in the journal sleep. it's not back-to-school,
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welcome back. you've heard the check is in the mail. this time, it really is true. if you get social security, your check could be in four mailbox later today. the social security administration is hoping to get the checks out early to beat hurricane earl. the associate security administration is sending those checks to 10 states. it is something el standing in the way of employers hiring new workers. valentine have a look at that in a moment. first, let's take a look at the markets. did you feel the bulls running yesterday, crises? >> they were running wild yesterday. it has been a while since we had a day like that, up 255 points on the dow. really, we talk about trading in this range where we have been trading all summer long.
6:26 am
we were bouncing along the bottom of that range. still looking if an excuse to buy. we bounded heavily off of that support yesterday. we still have summer volume. it would be very encouraging if we had heavy volume and belownessed like that you but still a day like we had yesterday, we'll take it. you mention a couple of things. first of all, you have jobs in focus today big leading up to tomorrow's monthly report. yesterday, we had a continuation of kind of what we heard. it was from dallas fed president, he says jobs an the uncertainty about taxes preventing the companies from hiring. we've heard that all along. these companies are not so sure how their taxation will play out next year. they are not so sure what health care costs are going to impact them. they are not going to hire anybody for now until they are certain. that is becoming more and more
6:27 am
of a topic. today, we get weekly initial jobless claims. it has always been big. that number has been elevated over the last few weeks and tomorrow, of course, everyone will be nervous about that nonfarms payroll report in the morning. >> we'll celebrate the big gain ifs yesterday while we still have them. thank you. we'll leave it there for now. we'll see you again tomorrow. we are conning to follow two big stories this morning. first, the latest on hurricane earl. here at home, the governors of maryland and virginia have already declared states of emergency. police still on the scene this morning of the discovery channel headquarters as they investigate yesterday's standoff that ended with the gunman dead. details on what may have been his motivation when fox 5 morning news continues. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer 
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police are still on the scene at the discovery channel headquarters in downtown silver
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spring today where an armed man burst into the building yesterday afternoon with explosives strapped to his body. police say james lee took a security guard and two other men hostage after a four-hour long standoff, police finally shot and killed lee after they saw him point his gun at one of the hostages. details of this saga coming up in a live report. the gunman is identified as james j. lee, awe man in his 40s who lived in southern california and was originally from hawaii. he did have a long-standing beef with the discovery channel over its programming. he had been arrested outside the building before and coming up, we'll have more on lee and his run-ins with discovery. let's check in with hurricane earl as the storm continues its track toward the east coast. this is a live picture of ocean city, maryland this morning where they are having a beautiful sunrise as we are still a ways out before the storm could affect ocean city. governor o'malley says it is unlikely that ocean city will need to be evacuated. he has declared a state of emergency in maryland nonetheless. in virginia, governor mcdonnell has done the same thing in north carolina, 0,000 visitors
6:32 am
and resident have been ordered to leave hatteras island in the out are banks. >> look at that sky. >> you see the waves kicking up a little bit. >> that is what sherry was saying. >> the storm is pushing up here from the south and east and let's get to it. i'll show it to you. overnight the storms have gotten stronger. although looking at the last couple of frame from the satellite picture, it look like it has been training a little dry air on the northwest quadrant. that the probably good news that it won't get any stronger, maybe weak ain't little bit here later today. very distinct eye. wind are 145, gust approaching 170 to 175 as it tracks off to the north and west and then eventually north and northeast. this will be a close call. it will come very close to cape hatteras during the overnight showers. we'll keep our fingerss crossed that the worst of it stays offshore during the day on friday. our weather, very simple,
6:33 am
another hot one with temperatures back into the low 90s. currently, we are 75 degrees. wind are out of the south and west at six. there will an if you more clouds associated with earl moving in later this afternoon. highs in the low to mid-90s. a few degrees cooler than yesterday. lost in all this hurricane talk has been the heat wave we've been having not only here in washington but across much of new england as well. they had record high temperatures yesterday so we'll lose the heat as we get some cooler air in here for the weekend. the weekend forecast by the way looks great. i'll have details on that coming up in a minute. let's check in with julie wright and get a look at traffic. a little bit of a rough start to the day. >> absolutely. we had a police chase that end ad long 270 northbound north of 109 and that activity finally cleared. so the road that been reopened. 270 now jammed up badly out of urban a a good alternate for you guys headed southbound out of spread rick. we have a problem out of 27 on
6:34 am
bethesda church road on the noun side of the highway. a head-on collision occurred had with only one lane squeezing by. traveling south on 270, the delays that held you up southbound out of urbana, have moved south. now, it is gridlocked out of hyattstown. downtown on the freeway, overfight construction still in place westbound nearating street in southeast. rough pavement there. a couple of people on both sides of the road with flat tires. traffic is jammed right now. we have reports that alabama avenue at branch avenue, that intersection is tied up because of a crash. traveling inbound along 66 at waples mill just east of fair oaks delays here. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we continue to track hurricane earl this morning. he is not expected to make a direct hit on the east coast. >> but there are still some concerns that the core of that storm could shift a little bit close are to the shoreline.
6:35 am
sherry ly has a look at how things are out there on the eastern shore. got to tell you, it is beautiful out there this morning from the pictures we are seeing. >> it's beautiful nice but it is deceptive when you look out here to water. there is a slope that goes down to the beach but i can tell you the waves are probably six to eight feet and they are expecting waves of up to 12 feet along the eastern seaboard here in maryland. hurricane earl, although it is expected to be 125, 150 miles offshore, it will still be very dangerous here. storm is expected to come if late tonight with the worst of it early friday morning. the city is suspected suspect taped winds of 30 to 40 miles per hour with gusts of 50 to 55 miles per hour although it would not be unheard of to get some hurricane force wind that are a little bit higher than that. vacs have not been ordered here
6:36 am
in ocean city or anywhere along the maryland coast here. they are keeping an eye on the storm as far as the emergency officials here. if that storm should come a little bit close are than expected, they may reconsider but this point, there are no evacuations. they have been preparing for the last few days. they will be taking off the garbage cans and things from the beaches and asking people to do the same thing on the balconies. they are asking people not to go into the water more than knee deep because it is just too dangerous and the message as the storm approaches tomorrow morning is stay off the streets, stay out of the water until the storm passes. >> our plan is in place. we are optimistic the forecast will remain consistent. we are prepared should the praft change and come -- should the forecast change and come closer to shore. >> certainly during the height of a hurricane, it is not safe to be out in the ocean, even for the experienced swimmer. >> reporter: we all know there are people who perhaps will try to go out to the water.
6:37 am
we are being told that they may change the restricts as the storm approaches an may tell people to stay out wafter if there are no lifeguards here. they have had atvs going up and down the coastline here. as the wind pick up, the lifeguards will leave the beach. anybody would tries to go tbhiewters will be at their own risk. we are told if it comes down to it and they are ordered to come out of water that police can be called in. there is a civil fine. but at this point, they say it usually doesn't come down to that. but they to have at built to do that. the labor day weekend approaching. businesses are watching the storm. it is expected to quickly pass here friday and they are hoping it will be a great labor day weekend saturday, sunday and monday. that is the latest here, back to you. >> all right. thank you. our other big story, a little bit closer to d.c. as authorities are still surveying the discovery communication headquarters in silver spring. >> they are hook for any traces of explosives that the gunman may have left behind when he
6:38 am
stormed thing about and took hostages yesterday afternoon. it was an ordeal that lasted for several hours. sarah simmons has the latest. >> reporter: i just spoke with montgomery county fire officials a little while ago and they tell me within the hour they did finish a sweep within the discovery building. they did come across some packages that they had evaluate through outthe building. we don't know whether those are belongings that were left behind by other people. they did specify there were four packages inside the lobby that they had to disrupt, as they call t two backpack and two boxes that were reported about yesterday inside of that lobby. fire official are telling me there are three of those that they are pretty confident that the suspect, james lee, brought inside of the building yesterday. they are not quite certain about a fourth package but they are pretty certain that there were three of those. they are not commenting on the content of what was inside of
6:39 am
those packages right now. but i can tell you throughout the morning, through outthe evening hours, they have been inside the building doing their sweep, looking around the ground as well to see if there was anything they might possibly have missed. this started about 1:00 yesterday afternoon. a man police now have identified as james lee walked into the discovery building lobby. he had a long-standing grudge we know with the cable channel and was armed with explosives and a handgun according to police. he went in and took three people hostage. employees were warned by e- mails to hide in their offices and then a second e-mail was instructing them to get out. we know that all of the 1900- some employees were able to get out of the building fine. now, police talked about the moment that they entered the building yesterday. here is what they had to say. >> it is reported that he pulled out the handgun that he came in with and pointed it at
6:40 am
one of the hostages. it is uncon furthermored now whether he actually -- it is unconfirmed now whether he actually fired the weapon or not. at that point, our tax be the kal units moved in. they shot the suspect. the suspect is deceased. and as i mentioned, explosive experts, fire and ems, they have pretty much left the scene for you this morning. it is turning more into -- back into the police investigation we know that they are still holding the lobby. they are doing some work in there as well this morning. coming up in our next hour, i know we'll be talking with the montgomery county chief in hope of getting some additional information about that investigation. back to you. >> thank you. we do know something about the suspected gunman, james lee. he was no stranger to security at discovery. he posted rants against the company.
6:41 am
he wrote about saving the environment and the remaining species. he says the planet does not need humans. bob barnard has more on lee's disturbing past. >> reporter: this home video posted on youtube shows the shenanigans that got james lee arrested in downtown silver spring in february 2008. he is throwing money into the air, calling the cash trash, part of his wider protest against discovery. the duffel bag he is holding reported thely stuffed with $21,000. the 4 #-year-old californian had, at the time, been on a one- man week-long protest outside discovery communications headquarters saying he was trying to convince the discovery channel network to save the planet. >> we certainly were cognizant being aware of him but did not take his threats or demands seriously. >> reporter: this, james lee's mug shot from the day of his arrest, two and a half years ago, charged with and later convicted of disorderly conduct. >> as a condition of the
6:42 am
probation which was in august of 2008, he was ordered to stay at least 500 feet away from the discovery building. his probation ended two week ago. >> reporter: during wednesday's hostage crisis, james lee spoke by telephone with an nbc producer in new york city. >> do you have a gun? >> i have a gun. i have a bomb. i have several bombs strapped to my body ready to go off. >> reporter: lee promoted his beef with discovery on a web site he called save the planet where he wrote, the discovery channel produces a lot of shows about saving the planet that all have one thing in common. they don't work. he continues, they glorify fishermen who are overpushing the planet. they tbloar glorify weapons of mass destruction. they high height shows about people would build pollution machines and other environmentally harmful practices. discovery officials not buying any of it. >> if you follow what he said
6:43 am
publicly wrong line, i don't think it is rational. >> the hottest of all was 2005. >> reporter: lee claims hi interest in environmental causes was inspired in pformer award-winning documentary, an inconvenient truth. and that he launched his crusade after getting fired from his job in california. we spoke by phone with lee's brother-in-law, thomas leonard. >> he has been very abusive to -- an hurtful for the people would love him, his sisters and brother and uncles and a lot of family members that have tried to get him help over the years. i don't feel comfortable speaking more. >> reporter: bob barnard, fox 5 news. there was a plan if place to evacuate the discovery channel headquarters if it was ever necessary. >> it is obvious that plan worked. coming up, more on how children in the company's day care were quickly moved to safety. it is coming up on 6:44. we'll be back after the break. 
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this morning, we continue to follow developments out of yesterday's standoff at discovery channel headquarters in silver spring. along with the nearly # thousand people would work in the building, the day care had to be evacuated. works are were seen wheeling cribs carrying children down the street. we talked to parents who say she rushed to the building when they heard what was going on. >> she called me with what was going on and i whipped right over here and i saw the kids coming across colesville road. a lot of people were helping out. >> effect was able it make it out safely. from the carolinas up to new england now, all eyes are on hurricane earl. mandatory vacs are in effect right now for hatteras island on the outer banks of north carolina. 0,000 people have been asked to leave the carolina coast. >> in ocean city, before a
6:48 am
tropical storm warning an a hurricane watch. the watches and warnings have been extended to parts of canada now. awe very extensive part of the east coast are going to be impact giant food are you talking about overnight? >> during the day. >> are you talking just the coast? >> mostly just the coastline. here in washington, other than a bits of a breeze and some clouds associated with earl, with won't notice much of anything. it will be another warm one tomorrow. the further south and east you go, the more you see the impact of earl. there will be travel difficulties with flying and that kind of thing during the day tomorrow. let's get to it. the latest as of 59:00 a.m. advisory, a most impressive hurricane. don't see them this strong along the eastern seaboard very often. first, i want to she you the bigger picture and the satellite-radar here in the washington area featuring sunshine for most of your day today. it will be just fine. off to the west, we have a cold
6:49 am
front. this is going to bring is a beautiful weekend and it will also help kick earl out to sea. a major player here in the weather over the next couple of days. we'll get some clouds in here with that cold front during the day tomorrow. let's focus on earl and again, i mentioned as of 59:00 a.m. advisory, look at that, firing on all cylinders. a category four hurricane, sustained winds, 145 miles per hour. we've had reports of gusts up to about 170 to 175. you can see it racing there off to the north and west and then north and east over the next 4 hours at about 18 maridia right now. it look to be just off the cape -- at about 18 miles per hour right now. it will perhaps impact southern new england and into canada during date on saturday. it will be out of here fairly soon. we have to deal with it over the next 4 to 48 hours. here is your tropical track. i want to folkous where it will
6:50 am
be during the next 4 hours. there it is. by 6:00 tomorrow morning, just off the coast of north carolina. they will have hurricane effects by late afternoon and the evening hours. i think the worst of this will be during the morning hours tomorrow into the early afternoon and then up towards southern new england as we get into the nighttime hours friday and set. so again, forecast to be a hurricane throughout the next couple of days. still a category one hurricane as it tracks off to the north and east up towards maine during the day on saturday and then it will dissipate quickly as it gets up into canada. next couple of days, very much touch and go here along the coastal areas. by saturday, the whole thing should be out of here and if you got plans to go to the beach from the carolinas right up into southern new england, it will actually be a nice weekend. most of saturday, sunday, monday just featuring sunshine. right now, we are warm. 75 at reagan national. 74 in quantico. leonardtown, you got a temperature of 72. annapolis, 75. we'll be hot once gun, not quite as hot as yesterday. yesterday, we were 97.
6:51 am
a little cooler with a few clouds associated with earl. nevertheless, well above average for this time of year. code orange air quality, one again, winds out of the south at five to 10 miles per hour. we do have a coastal flood advisory for parts of the area along the chesapeake as that water will get pushed up the bay here during the next 24 to 36 hours. there is your five-day forecast, during the day tomorrow, mix of some clouds and some sun as we've got the impact of earl along the coast and the cold front moving in from the west. that sets us up for a beautiful weekend. saturday, sunday and monday, look at that, high temperatures right where they should be. low 80s with bright sunshine through outthe labor day weekend. that is a look at the forecast. i'll bring you the late as i get it here in the weather center. >> we've hay lot of action happen ago long 270 this morning and as a result, we've got delays that are stacking up your commute as you come southbound leaving hyattstown headed down towards clarksburg. crew sky fox with us right now. the incident occurred on the northbound side of 270 north of
6:52 am
109. it was the result a police chase. activity cleared so the northbound side of the highway has been reopened. southbound along the left side of your screen as you work your way down towards 109, that is where we have the traffic headed down towards 109 and then the pace improves only to low again out ofself antown, montgomery village avenue and again as you approach falls road actually lot of slow traffic here out of frederick a lot of folks bailing out. -- only to slow again out of germantown. 95 around to georgia avenue, much like what you guys have had to deal with earlier in the week. ed roadwork, pavement is very rough. it has been milled and not repaved at this time. for those traveling off the sousa bridge to go westbound on the freeway and approach eighth street in southeast, very bumpy, chunky commute for you there ass road has not been repaved headed westbound
6:53 am
towards the 11th street bridge. as a result, a lot of slow traffic coming inbound across pennsylvania avenue and the sousa bridge and coming off of 295 and the 11th street bridge. this is rhetty much the same scenario you guys have had to deal with for the last couple of days. what is heading insult to injury here is that there is a crash at main avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the primary election in d.c. now 12 days away. yesterday, at the newseum, the leading candidates for mayor faced off. mayor adrian fenty trailing d.c. council chairman vincent gray by 17 points in a "washington post" poll. fenty admitted to the crowd of 200 people that he has made mistake in trying to make tease a better place. >> i've got to do a better job making people peel good about that change so they are included in a part of that. i have learned that lesson. i commit to doing that.
6:54 am
>> i think it is a change of strategy, not a change of heart. >> after the debate, mayor fenty's wife michelle tearfully defended her husband and defended claims that he is air tbant. they will face off one more time before election day here on fox 5 morning news. we will have them both in the studio if a live, one-hour debate at 9:00. early puberty could be linked to the bond between mothers an daughters researchers say it is the early relationship with mothers that is the key. new research shows american baby girls who are not attached to their mothers at 15 months were two and a half times more likely to enter puberty early. another study finds teenages are who don't get enough sleep may be at rick for obesity. researchers say teenagers who get less than eight hours a night are likely to eat more consumer more than 2,000 calories a day. those who get more than eight
6:55 am
hours only averaged 1700 calories a day. experts say teens should get about nine hours of sleep a night. a fun event happening this weekend. >> you can dance off the calories at the middle eastern food festival out in mclean, virginia. holly has has a preview coming upnext. [ female announcer ] smooth skin? not good enough.
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6:58 am
>> reporter: good morning, everybody. yb i'm holly morris. and i know there is a lot odgoir on in the news right now and a you might be thinking i'd like to get away from it all with the wiup coming holiday weekend well we are live at the greek church in mclean, greevirginia. we're iniagoing to take a tour f the church and learn about them. but here today they are gearing up for the middle eastern food festival. it's foivthe first time we've ev previewed it but it's the 17th 1
6:59 am
year they've done it and as you can see, it is busy with activity already. ea because they are expecting a lot of people to come out and an enjoy what they have to offer, f including dancing and food. that is the feature. at we'll check out urthe food and what they are grilling and the wonderful sweets and talk more about their mission and the information you need to know so you can come and celebrate labor day with middle eastern as food. >> it's great, holly. love the tefoolcolor and everyt well check in with you later on. that's going to do it for the 6:00 hour. h want to turn things ouover to allison and steve for the next few hours. ho >> thank you so much, gurvir. irwe're all over two storie this morning. ni there is a continued police presence after the hostage st incident at the downtown discovery building. a man took dingthree

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